Major Verdicts Likely A Blueprint For Future Roundup Lawsuits
In May 2019, a jury awarded $2 billion to a couple suffering from non-Hodgkin lymphoma after finding Monsanto failed to warn them about the potential risks of using the popular weedkiller Roundup.

In March 2019, a jury awarded $80 million to a cancer patient with non-Hodgkin lymphoma after determining that the patient’s Roundup use was a “substantial” factor in causing his cancer.

Later that month, another verdict was handed down in a similar Roundup lawsuit: $78 million for another patient diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma after Roundup use.

More than 10,000 lawsuits are pending across the country against Monsanto regarding cancer links to Roundup.

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A Probable Carcinogen Made More Lethal By A Potential Cover-Up?
The herbicide Glyphosate, Roundup’s key ingredient, was deemed a PROBABLE human carcinogen by the World Health Organization in 2015.  Glyphosate is currently the biggest seller of all herbicides, approaching $5 billion in annual sales. Its use has skyrocketed since the development of genetically modified crops that are resistant to glyphosate.

Although some studies point to Glyphosate’s safety, there is clear evidence that Monsanto used its money and power to influence the outcome of studies that could have a negative bearing on sales.  As found in Monsanto’s internal emails, a company executive bragged that an EPA official, upon offering to help quash another agency’s review of glyphosate, said  “If I can kill this I should get a medal.”

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Risks.
The American Cancer Society lists exposure to certain chemicals like herbicides as a potential risk factor for developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma. People who used Roundup on a consistent basis, whether commercially or residentially, are at most risk for developing NHL. If you used Roundup and have a diagnosis of NHL, please contact us to learn more about your legal options.


There are over 13,000 cases pending in court and large verdicts so far in the victims favor with more to come!

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93% of People May Have Glyphosate in their Bodies The spike in glyphosate use makes the chemical almost impossible to avoid, even for those who don’t directly handle Roundup. Traces of glyphosate have been found in oatmeal, honey, wine, and even baby food. What’s more, even those who try to minimize their exposure by purchasing organic products are still at risk. Runoff from Roundup crops feed glyphosate into neighboring streams and rivers; animals, too, have been discovered to carry traces of glyphosate, making it a difficult chemical to contain. In a study conducted by the Detox Project, 93 percent of volunteer test participants had traces of glyphosate in their bodies. Even more scary, children reported higher percentages of the chemical on average.

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